A Great Selection of Our Steakhouse Menu Items Menu subject to change due to supply issues or chef creativity

Three Course Menu (one item from each course) $75


French Onion Soup

Caramelized Onions | Bone Broth | Port Wine | Croutons | Swiss

Fried Tamale Salad

Fired Tamale | Avocado Mousseline | Pork Belly | Chipotle Buttermilk

Lamb Pop

Kabocha Squash Souffle | Fried Goat Cheese | Candied Red Walnuts | Oven Roasted Muscat Grapes | Maple Creme Fraiche


Duck for Two

Arrowhead Puree | Bokchoy | Fried Cauliflower| Saffron Rice | Kumquat Sweet Bigerade

Steak Tasting

NY | Flat Iron | Filet Mignon | Japanese Mushroom |Sweet Potato Ravioli | Sweet Potato Mash | Fried Sweet Potato | Chipotle Gratini


Yellow Chive Truffle Beurre Blanc, |Seasonal Vegetables | Potato Confit

Short Rib Ravioli

Butternut Squash | Celery Root | Pecorino


Choose Any Dessert


Tasting of Chocolate

Louis XVIII |Gold Leaf | Sesame Lava Cake |Smoked Butter Scotch Tulle| Banana Dipped in Ruby Red Chocolate |Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

Pear Napoleon

Dulce De Leche |Port Wine Poached Red Pear | Toasted White Chocolate Mousse | Puff Pastry | Pine Nut Crumble

Neapolitan Souffle

Waffle Bowl | Chocolate Brownie | Mint Mouse | Mint Cream

Our Purveyors

Snake River Farms

Boise, ID | Wagyu & American Kobe Beef

Valdiva Farms

Carlsbad, CA

Honolulu Fish Co.

Honolulu, HI

Broadleaf Farms

Grass-fed Beef

Maple Leaf Farms

New York | Duck

Bread & Cie

Hillcrest, CA

Newport Meat Company

Newport Beach, CA

My passion is creativity and inspiration and asking, "What's next?" while honoring all that has come before me. Tradition and innovation work together to drive thoughtful evolution to pave the way forward. I bring the best of myself to every dish.

-Chef Brandon Hunsaker