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Jeannette and Chef Hunsaker | Hunsakers

Hunsakers Supper Club

Our Supper Club is a chef curated three to four course meal, no menu choices per se, but a listing of what the chef will be preparing for that particular evening.  We pair each course with a beverage to complement the meal that may include whiskey, tequila, wine or a cocktail. A host will walk you through the meal and any pairings for the evening. We aspire to bring in fun and engaging entertainment to enjoy during your meal. Past entertainment has included magicians, belly dancers, guitar players, and other musical talent. Try out our Supper Club for a delicious and pleasurable evening!

Join us for Epicurean Delights

If you would like to attend a Supper Club Dinner, subscribe to our list via email.  We send out invitation emails two weeks prior to any event.  Our Dinner Calendar will be available after January 5th 2024.   We look forward to serving you.

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